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Other Side Of Story About People With Mental Illness

I wanted to become a psychologist. I wanted it so bad that I enrolled in this college when I was 29 years old, after already graduating from tourism and with stable employment. I left my old life behind and from then just looked ahead, towards my new goal. You can read more about it in… Continue reading Other Side Of Story About People With Mental Illness

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10 Fun Ways to Return to the Present Moment

Chances are small that you don’t already know what is mindfulness. Chances are even smaller that you have not heard this term, even if you are not interested in finding out more about him. And, as for many new phenomena that walk into our lives through the media, there is a possibility that you created… Continue reading 10 Fun Ways to Return to the Present Moment

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How To Overcome Writer’s Block

How To Overcome Writer's Block And Other Self-Imposed Demands I was inspired to write this article by the events that have to do with the preparations for writing it. But let's start from the beginning. Approximately 2 months ago I started to write my blog about mental health. I had a feeling that there are… Continue reading How To Overcome Writer’s Block

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Intense Feelings After Childbirth

The arrival of a new baby is the event that brings significant changes. These include changing daily routines, sleep patterns, roles, relationships, and identity. These changes and new responsibilities can be overwhelming. Most women (some studies say around 90% of them) after childbirth go through Baby Blues that can last up to two weeks. Baby… Continue reading Intense Feelings After Childbirth